MoRas Studio has a 22 m2 recording room suitable for up to 5 musician (depending on the types of instruments).

The acoustic environment has been designed by AudioExperts, Claus Hansen, and the room has a nice and natural ambience.

The Control room is also 22 m2. This room has been treated acousticly,  securing the best possible environment for the recording, editing and mastering process.

The basic philosophy behind this studio is to make the signal flow as short and direct as possible, minimizing the signal loss.

Any device which is not absolutely nescessary for the recording/monitoring/mastering process has been eliminated. The result is an extremely clean and dynamic sound with a very low noise-floor.

Morten Rasmussen is the owner of MoRas Studio.

Morten Rasmussen, together with co-worker Morten Olsen, have more than two decades of experience in recording & mastering, sound engineering and music production.

Morten Rasmussen plays keyboards/piano.

Co-worker, Composer, Sound engineer and bass-player, Morten Olsen has a great share in the studio.

Together we cover a wide range of expertise in genres from  Classical, Jazz, Experimental, Rock, Blues, Pop, Electronical ....